Tobias Giesen - Composer 

Tobias Klaus Giesen

Tobias Giesen (b. 26.12.1970) was born in Rheine, Germany. As a scholarship holder of the German national Studienstiftung, he spent two years studying mathematics and computer science. In 1993, he switched to musical studies and moved to Würzburg, where he studied musical composition with Prof. Heinz Winbeck. After receiving his diploma in 1999, he continued his studies and received the Meisterklassendiplom in 2001.


Giesens works have been played by renowned European comtemporary music specialists, among them Siegfried Palm (Cello), Ensemble Köln, Ensemble 2e2m (Paris), Janus-Ensemble (Vienna), and Ensemble Slavko Osterc (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Many pieces for diverse instrumentatal combinations have been created for the new music ensemble of the Würzburg school of music. His largest orchestral work thus far was performed 2001 in the Kleve gardens by Sinfonietta Basel plus soloists.

Online scores: Schumann... (1999) for string quartet
...from uneasy dreams... (1999) for flute, viola and harp
...vom Strahlenwind... (1999) for flute, two guitars and violoncello
HIOB I (1998) for chamber ensemble
HIOB II (1998) for violoncello and chamber ensemble

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